Vehicle Leasing

There are a variety of ways StreetFleet can help you and your business finance a vehicle and the option you choose depends on whether you want to: 

  • own the car at the end or hand it back
  • have it fully maintained by StreetFleet 
  • finance as part of your salary package
  • Novated Lease

    A Novated Lease is a three way agreement between you (the employee), your employer and StreetFleet. You enter into a lease with StreetFleet and novate the responsibilities for that lease to your employer while you are employed with them. 

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  • Operating Lease

    An Operating lease sees StreetFleet pay for the scheduled servicing, tyres and fuel for a set period/kms of the vehicle lease. At the end of the car lease contract, you simply hand the vehicle back.

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  • Finance Lease

    Our Finance Lease enables a business to finance the purchase of a vehicle by spreading the cost over the term of its useful life. You simply make monthly payments, followed by an offer to buy the vehicle (residual value), to retain full ownership.

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  • Chattel Mortgage

    A Chattel Mortgage is a lease plan that allows sole proprietors, partnerships and companies to finance the purchase of a vehicle (amongst other goods) and claim back the GST on the vehicle's purchase price on their next Business Activity Statement (BAS).

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  • Disability Service Vehicles

    StreetFleet has been specialising in disability service vehicles since we were established back in 1998.

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