News Archive -  November 2013

  • Chattel Mortgage - Vehicle Finance

    29 November 2013

    For businesses looking to finance vehicles for their commercial fleet, there are a variety options available. One of the best ways to procure vehicles for business use is through a chattel mortgage. A chattel mortgage comes with a wealth of benefits and enables businesses to significantly reduce expenses when procuring cars for business use.

  • The Future of Novated Leases in Australia

    08 November 2013

    Novated leases are a particular kind of lease contract which are popular mainly in Australia. Novated leases are a three-way contract between an employee an employer and a vehicle financier, which enables the employee to lease a vehicle from the financier, with the employer agreeing to pay all expenses relating to the vehicle, which are then subsequently deducted from the employee’s salary.

  • How Fleet Management Works

    04 November 2013

    Fleet management involves the administration, supervision and tracking of business vehicles to differing levels. Common applications include a fleet of production and delivery vehicles, where fleet management methods can be used to:

    1. Coordinate deliveries,