News Archive -  August 2016

  • 7 Top Tips To Keep Your New Car Clean

    15 August 2016

    You have taken ownership of your new car and want that new car smell to stay. Here are some top tips from the professionals to keep it in great shape:

    1. Hand Wash is best - use a high quality mitt and shampoo for the paintwork and a seperate cloth and bucket for the wheels. Don't wash your car in the direct heat as this can leave streak marks in the finish. Regular washes make cleaning easier too...

  • Motor Vehicle Registration Increase

    12 August 2016

    The recent SA State Budget brought increases to the Emergency Services Levy, Public Transport fares, traffic fines and Motor Vehicle Registration fees. With an average price hike of 1.7%, this increase could mean anywhere up to an extra $454 per year on Motor Vehicle Registrations.

    A Novated Lease streamlines vehicle costs