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September 12, 2013

How a Fleet Management System Can Help Your Business

If you are interested in How a Fleet Management System Can Help Your Business then you have come to the right place. One benefit of having such a system is that it can help you to cut costs, particularly by lowering fuel expenditure. Fuel usage can be reduced by ensuring that your drivers stick to the speed limit. If your driver drives at 5 Km/h over the speed limit, it adds 20 cents on top of every litre of fuel that is used. Time spent idling can be reduced and poor route choices are also going to be eliminated.

Customer Care Is Improved

The second benefit of fleet management is that your customer care is going to be improved. A majority of customers often complain that they are often told that their package is to be delivered sometime between 8AM and 5PM. These are non specific time slots that are inconvenient and entirely unnecessary. It is possible to plan your route in such a manner that you can always tell where your motor vehicles are. This enables you to provide customers with a more specific window of delivery. In addition, your vehicles are also likely to arrive at the customer’s address within an allotted time.

Your Company Image Is Enhanced

How a Fleet Management System Can Help Your Business is by improving the image of your company. The behavior of drivers can be improved meaning that the public will have more respect for your company. Lowering your consumption of fuel also means that your company can be viewed as more friendly to the environment. Public safety can also be increased because your drivers will not over speed or drive recklessly.

Protect Your Vehicles from Theft

Vehicles are among the most valuable assets in a company. They can be protected from theft by installing trackers to help recover them in case they get stolen. In addition, if your vehicles enter an area that is not authorized, you are going to know about it. Any problems could be quickly picked up and your drivers will be discouraged from going on unauthorized trips.

Accurate Billing and Tracking

Accurate tracking and billing is possible through keeping track of customers’ packages and confirming when the orders have become fulfilled. Customer items are unlikely to get lost and you can send accurate bills. Reliability and trustworthiness can be gained and customers will become loyal. It is cheaper for you to retain your existing clients than to gain some new ones. The bottom line is that fleet management is going to give you a competitive edge.

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