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Operating Lease

Financing your organisation’s vehicle purchases with all running expenses included and no risk to the organisation.

An Operating lease is where we provide you with a vehicle for a fixed term and kilometres, based on your requirements, including running costs required for that term (eg servicing, registration, tyres, fuel card facility etc).  This means you only pay one simple monthly lease repayment and, as the vehicle remains StreetFleet’s property for the life of the lease, you simply hand it back, replace or extend at lease end.

We simply assess your vehicle requirements, including annual kilometres travelled and length of lease required. There is no risk to your organisation and satisfaction of up to date safety rated vehicles for your staff.

Flexible terms
Terms of an Operating lease range from 12 months to 5 years and there is no restriction on the type of vehicles that can be leased. We facilitate fleet solutions for individual vehicles as well as larger fleets.

Vehicle modifications
We specialise in accessible transport and can include vehicle modifications for wheelchair access and other disability modifications in any Operating lease. Other vehicle fit-outs and modifications can also be included.

No risk
Throughout the lease term, the vehicle remains the property of StreetFleet and at its completion, the vehicle is simply returned to us with no final lump sum payment on your behalf. On the vehicle’s return, we simply upgrade you to a new vehicle within similar or revised guidelines as to the preceding lease.

We can incorporate varying levels of maintenance within an Operating lease including registration, tyres, fuel card, and insurance all for one easy monthly payment, saving you time and money.

Key Benefits:

  • One simple monthly repayment
  • No balloon payment
  • No risk of loss of vehicle value
  • Flexible to your requirements
  • Complete fleet management