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Fleet Management

Management of company cars is our expertise so that is doesn’t have to be yours. Focus on your core business whilst we focus on managing your company vehicles.

Managing company cars and finance of business car fleets can be a time-consuming ordeal as you attempt to match employee aspirations with policy and budgetary realities.

So let StreetFleet provide cost-effective and efficient vehicle management solutions for your organisation. We’ve been doing it for nearly two decades, allowing you to focus on your business while we focus on fleet management.

As a client of StreetFleet, you will have a designated fleet manager for all of your vehicle leasing needs. Your account manager is on the road regularly to assist you face to face and has a wealth of industry experience to provide you with unbiased expertise and assistance.

You have 24/7 online access to your company vehicle(s) allowing you to view and report on ongoing maintenance expenses, repair orders, Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) analysis, and much more.

We’re proudly Australian Owned and Operated with a strong focus on customer service.

Our size allows us to provide you with hands-on, expert fleet management solutions, that you don’t always get with the larger fleet management companies. And despite our size, our pricing is competitive with the big end of town: both through purchasing and lease rates.

We don’t have a call centre so you will always speak to a real person; whether ordering a new car, looking for advice or assistance with a problem.

We are one of only a few total fleet management companies providing car purchase and vehicle disposal products right next to car leasing and car finance, meaning we can tailor a fleet management plan to your business.

Online Management System

Included with our Fleet Management and Leasing Products is our Online Vehicle Portal through which StreetFleet has the ability to capture and record all vehicle activity data. This data is recorded when service and maintenance, tyre replacements, etc. pre-work authorities are received from suppliers. This is further enhanced by our ability to down-load fuel purchase records (complete with recent odometer readings) into our system.

From these records, we are able to generate various activity reports including any non-conforming or irregular activity. You will also have the ability to access the system online 24/7 and, as your login is a direct connection to our internal system, you will be viewing fleet data in real-time.

For ease of budgeting, reports can also be allocated according to cost centres to ensure maximum control, and SMS reminders to drivers ensure your vehicles are serviced when needed.

Standard reports available are as follows:

  • Accidents (easily report on any accident data loaded into the system)
  • Additions (show any new fleet additions in a given period)
  • Carbon emissions (shows the total fleet’s carbon emissions)
  • Due off (When vehicles are due for changeover)
  • FBT Operating
  • FBT Statutory
  • FBT Optimal (compares each vehicle’s FBT method to provide the optimum)
  • Fuel Performance (analysis all fuel data and usage)
  • Inventory (Detailed report on the fleet at any one time)
  • Lease commitments (Monthly lease commitments for term of each lease)
  • Maintenance (all expenses incurred by the fleet in a given period)
  • Orders (all current orders with estimated delivery dates)
  • Rego Renewals
  • Service overdue 

Fleet Managed Vehicle Guide

A driver's guide to your Fleet Managed Vehicle

Accident Management & Roadside Assistance

Support to cover you when you and your vehicle need

Native Pathways Project

Offset your carbon emissions through our Native Pathways Project


Access accurate data and insights about your vehicles

Maintenance, Fuel and Tolls

Make budgeting an ease with access to reports on vehicle data