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Telematics & Fleet Monitoring

Intelligent vehicle and fleet monitoring with easy to use reporting, giving you detailed insights and accurate data about your fleet so you can optimise the day to day use of your vehicles.

Whether you have a fleet of 5 or 500, we can help you optimise the use of your business vehicles through smart telematics.

Plug and Play – Logbook Me

Cloud Based Logbook – Takes The Hassle Out Of Keeping Logbooks

LogbookMe tax logbook is an ATO approved vehicle logbook for individual and shared vehicles. All recording of trips is automated and the driver simply classifies trips using a dashboard or smartphone apps. With flexible and comprehensive reporting it’s automated trip logging and easy 2-step trip classification making keeping a logbook a breeze. LogbookMe tax logbook takes the hassle out managing logbooks for shared cars with all recording of trips is automated and the driver simply classifies trips on the LogbookMe tablet when returning the keys.

  • Minimal effort for the user
  • All trips logged automatically every time vehicle is driven
  • Instant automatic upload
  • Web dashboard and smartphone apps available
  • Notifications when a trip is completed
  • Simple to use, 2-step trip classification
  • Smartphone Calendar Integration (Auto-fills trip descriptions)
  • ATO approved (CR2014/27)
  • Maximise tax savings
  • Affordable solution
  • Comprehensive automated reporting
  • Eliminates admin and paperwork

Fuel Tax Credits

LogbookMe fuel tax monitor takes the hassle and administration out of monitoring, calculating, and claiming fuel tax credits. Further, the monitoring works automatically in the background without any driver input so your fleet just drives and LogbookMe will calculate the eligible tax credit mileage and produce a periodic report to support the claim.

Car Parking Register – Reduce the FBT cost of Employee Parking

Most employers assume employees use car parking each day when calculating fringe benefits tax which results in an overpayment of tax. LogbookMe automatically tracks and monitors employee car park usage, reporting on whether a fringe benefits tax liability exists.

  • Automated car park usage reporting
  • FBT on a day doesn’t apply if:
    • Parked less than 4 hours between 7am & 7pmo
    • Car isn’t driven to employees primary residence
  • ATO approved (CR2015/2)
  • FBT liability parameters applied to trips in register to determine FBT exempt days
  • No employee action required
  • The significant tax savings opportunity
  • Comprehensive automated reporting
  • Eliminates admin and paperwork

LogbookMe car parking register automatically applies all the necessary tax legislative parameters to classify days as taxable or non-taxable to produce tax compliant reports for calculating fringe benefits tax on car parking.

The LogbookMe car parking report allows employers to identify and exclude days that car parking is not subject to FBT based on actual usage records.

Employees simply use the car park as normal and LogbookMe automatically records usage and produces an ATO compliant report at the end of the period.

Great for:

  • Sales teams who are on the road,
  • Technicians who are out in the field,
  • Shift workers,
  • People who don’t drive in every day,
  • Employees who are traveling,
  • Part-timers/employees with flexible working arrangements

Vehicle Location

LogbookMe vehicle locator is an on-demand vehicle finder. This lets both fleet managers and drivers locate a vehicle at any time whether it’s parked, driving, or stationary.

  • Locate a vehicle at any time on demand
  • Available 24/7
  • Track missing or stolen vehicles
  • Directions for a driver back to the vehicle (in smartphone app)
  • Location accuracy to the nearest 5 metres

Odometer Reading

Accurate odometer readings from vehicles in real-time gives fleet managers a new ability to manage the fleet. No need to guess vehicle usage.

  • Live accurate odometer for vehicle counted trip by trip
  • Accurately schedule servicing, repairs & maintenance
  • Proactive management of contract variances and extensions
  • Optimise residual values

Fleet Optimisation

LogbookMe Fleet Analytics gives fleet managers a new level of visibility of how the fleet is used with the view of identifying factors impacting fleet cost, operating costs, and inefficiencies.

  • Automated data collection
  • Fleetwide comparison
  • Customisable filtering from the fleet to the individual vehicle level
  • Comprehensive real-time reporting
  • Usable intuitive reporting

Fleet managers can easily view driving durations, trip purpose, vehicle usage, and filter by customisable parameters such as cost centre, vehicle pool, vehicle type, or by time frames at a broad fleet to an individual vehicle level.

Driver Behaviour

LogbookMe Driver Safety gives fleet managers visibility over how the fleet is being driven. Create a safe fleet driving culture with real-time alerts are available as well as periodic reporting on set parameters such as speeding, braking, acceleration, cornering, and impacts.

  • Automated data collection
  • Fleetwide driver comparison
  • Proactively manage drivers in the fleet
  • Educate and create a safe driving culture
  • Manage manufacturer warranty
  • Mitigate incidents
  • Reduce behavioral driven operating costs
  • Manage branded vehicles
  • Real-time email alerts on incidents

Driving Behaviour parameters that we look at include speeding, hard acceleration, hard braking, hard cornering, and impacts. When an event occurs the location is also recorded and can be viewed on a map.


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