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I’m an Employee

Solutions for employees

We work with Employees from all industries and sectors including small and large organisations, especially those working for Public Benevolent Institutions (PBI’s) and Not for Profit (NFP) Organisations.

Our Fleet Consultants share their excellent vehicle knowledge to help you with vehicle selection and we ensure the finance application is smooth sailing all the way. We work with your HR or Payroll department to set up the monthly deductions so you can relax.

Novated Lease
Employees lease direct from their pay and Employers can provide a benefit at no risk or cost to them.


Manage Your Fleet

Benefits to managing your vehicles with us

Management of your organisation’s vehicles is our expertise and can in comparison, be a time-consuming task to balance policy, budget realities and reporting requirements. We get it right first time with our 4 essential pillars of Fleet Management:

  • Safety
  • Flexibility
  • Cost Reduction
  • Innovation

What else you get with us...

We don’t stop at offering benefits and cost savings. As well as being exceptionally good at what we do, our passion for making it work for our clients includes tailored solutions for all organisations.