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May 30, 2014

2014 Hyundai ix35 Car Review

One of Australia’s long-awaited car models of 2014 from the South Korean car manufacturers has been the ix35. The compact SUV has been heavily modified by Hyundai from its earlier models and enhanced features have been added in. Hyundai are marketing this with focus on the affordability and value for money factor that the ix35 brings to the segment. With the latest ix35, Hyundai have successfully managed to improve its suspension which was a problem with the earlier models.


The classy look boasts of a seven inch infotainment LCD panel on the dashboard. The ix35 comes with projection headlights accompanied with LED positioning lights. The new alloy wheels and the aerodynamically designed roof rails add a touch of class. The seating is comfortable and roomy with new, modern styles of upholstery available across all variants. Hyundai has packed in a number of driver assist features and safety measures.


The previous ix35 was prone to jiggling even on minor speedbreakers and was uncomfortable. However the latest Hyundai ix35 has made major improvements to these shortcomings. It has revamped the damper tunes, and sway bars to lend better stability. For Australian market, it has specifically added damper valving that makes the suspension a much better performer.

Depending on the variant you choose to purchase, you get either a 2.0 litre or a 2.4 litre capacity engine which have been tweaked to give superior performance, better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. With the 205Nm direct injected engine for the lower variant, it struggled in steep driving and lagged a bit in acceleration. However the 2.4 litre 6-speed auto is better in terms of stability and acceleration.


2014 Hyundai ix35


1)      2.0 petrol four 122kW/205Nm

2)      2.4 petrol four 136kW/240Nm

3)      2.0 diesel four 135kW/392Nm

Transmission: 2 litre – 6-speed manual and auto, 2.4 litre – 6-speed auto

Avg. Mileage:

1)      8.2l/100km (2.0 petrol manual)

2)      9.8 l/100km (2.4 petrol auto)

3)      7.2 l/100km (2.0 diesel auto)

Price: from $26,990 onwards

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