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August 14, 2016

7 Top Tips To Keep Your New Car Clean

You have taken ownership of your new car and want that new car smell to stay. Here are some top tips from the professionals to keep it in great shape:

1. Hand Wash is best – use a high quality mitt and shampoo for the paintwork and a seperate cloth and bucket for the wheels. Don’t wash your car in the direct heat as this can leave streak marks in the finish. Regular washes make cleaning easier too.

2. Wax it – waxing puts a protectant layer on your paintwork protecting it over the long term. It makes washing easy,  removes minor paint defects and enahcnes the overall shine of the paint.

3. Garage it – keeping your vehicle in a garage protects from Mother Nature and her elements plus prevents perched birds above from destroying the paintwork.

4. Hand Dry it – Avoid air drying as it can leave water marks in the paintwork. Do it by hand and use a clean chamois to soak up the excess water.

5. Wiper blades – Clean your wiper bladews regularly to avoid dirty windscreens. Dirty baldes make smears across the screen and looks unsightly. Wipe your blades with a wet cloth and allow to dry before lowering them down again.

6. Trash – keep a trash bag hand in the car to easily dispose of rubbish effectively without making more mess. Take your trash with you every time you get out of the car to prevent any build up and smells.

7. Wipes – keep interior wipes or baby wipes in the console to wipe over the interior or the windscreen regularly. 

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