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July 28, 2016

Cars Are The Workplace

Changes to OH&S legislation over the past few years have seen a more standardised approach to OH&S across the country, despite some states not fully adopting the proposed changes. It puts the onus on the employer to take all reasonable measures to protect the health and safety of anyone in their professional care. Essentially this means that motor vehicles have become part of the work place.

This provides additional complexity for Fleet Managers and owners to ensure that all vehicles used in a professional capacity meet these obligations and requirements.

Areas of concern for Fleet Managers are those that rely on grey fleets – vehicles that are provided by employees on reimbursement from the employer. This creates additional complexity of ensuring vehicles have been properly maintained, serviced, registered and insured as well as being fit for purpose and meet any required ANCAP safety rating (normally 5 stars for company vehicles).

Whether grey or general fleet vehicles, Fleet Managers should implement risk assessment procedures to cover off each of these areas as well as whether their employees are competent to drive a work vehicle. This would include regular license checks and regular vehicle checks.

A robust Fleet Management program and system should ensure that each vehicle in issue is recorded and acted upon in a timely manner. Any risk is then minimised as best as possible in exactly the same way as you would around the office.

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