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December 13, 2016

Driver Safety Tip – The Dangers of Tailgating

It’s easy to become frustrated when being tailgated. Some drivers make the impulsive decision to “brake check” — this is action of braking suddenly in an attempt to warn the tailgater to back off.

This is a dangerous mistake and can often increases chances of a rear-end crash, defeating the purpose.

Drivers who are tailgating that have brake checking incidents can sometimes lead to a confrontation, possibly one that might escalate into road-rage violence. When a driver is tailgating you, according to the driver safety experts, the safest course of action is to relax, breathe, pull to the left and allow the vehicle behind you to pass.

Tailgating can increase the chances of being involved in a crash and is recognised as a common form of aggressive driving. There may be sudden changes in the driving conditions and this may mean you simply don’t have enough time to safely react in the space between the two cars

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