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November 13, 2018

Maximising Fuel Benefits

Fuel Card

At StreetFleet, we utilise WEX Motorpass as our fuel card provider as we believe it gives our clients the most flexibility in their fuel purchases as well as discounted cents per litre off fuel and monthly card fees, plus no transaction fees!

Look out for our StreetFleet branded fuel cards starting to roll out in 2019.

The ability to go to pretty much any fuel provider means you don’t need to burn more fuel trying to find the only petrol station for 20kms that will accept your franchise owned fuel card. As an example below, the average distance between Shell service stations in metro areas is 5km whereas a station that accepts WEX Motorpass has an average distance of 1.4km.

Driver Diversion

From a financial point of view, this means you and your staff are burning fuel and time as the below example shows, at a rate of around $5.52 per fill, when using a franchise fuel card. That adds up!

Driver Diversion Savings

Plus, some fuel franchises are restricted to certain states/territories or there are simply more of them in one state/territory over another so when you go interstate for your holidays you want the ability to use your fuel card without any issues.

To demonstrate the spread and breakdown of each state take a look at the below table. WEX Motorpass is accepted at all the listed fuel sites, that’s over 93% of sites across the country.

Coverage Fuel Sites


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