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June 26, 2014

Prevent Dangerous Driving with GPS Fleet Management Software

Australia has been known to embrace technology wholeheartedly to bring in better living and working conditions. This is a possible reason why telematics or GPS fleet management software has become popular amongst fleet management companies, family members, parents and corporate entities alike.  One of the core challenges that GPS fleet management software seeks to address is the problem of rash driving and the various dangers that result from it.

With help of audio-visual and Internet enabled communication, GPS fleet management software helps prevent issues that lead to fatalities on the road by improving driving habits and accountability. Any reckless manoeuvre such as sharp cornering, sudden braking or sudden acceleration will result in the system to alert the driver before the action. It also helps collate insights on dangerous driving methods over time by drivers, so that corrective actions can be taken by fleet management companies or by drivers themselves.

Some of the ways in which telematics help prevent dangerous driving are as below –

  1. Statistics show that speeding and unfamiliarity with road are two major causes of driver-caused road accidents. These two concerns can be easily addressed by GPS fleet management software. 
  2. Fleet managers can alert in real time through audio or text whenever there is a possibility of driver breaking a rule. This will allow drivers to take corrective action and prevent the mishap altogether.
  3. Interactive reports from telematics give insights on various aspects such as unauthorized/after-hours usage of vehicle, safety scores, drivers list sorted on speeding offences.
  4. Even when accidents do occur, the GPS fleet management software will help re-create the journey and pinpoint exactly who was at fault. This will be helpful for legal and insurance purposes later on.
  5. Significant difficulties resulting due to dangerous driving can be avoided by installing GPS fleet management software. These challenges may be in form of increase in insurance premiums, legal formalities, and the biggest one – risk to lives.
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