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December 13, 2016

Should I Buy A New or Used Vehicle?

Apart from a crisp shiny exterior and that new car smell, there are some obvious benefits to owning a new car when considering your next vehicle. In the case of a Novated Lease, used cars are allowed as long as the vehicle is not any older than 10 years at the completion of the lease. Here are some benefits for new and used vehicles:

New car – bonuses include modern features and extras such as technology like adaptive cruise and connectivity. New car warranty, good resale value and less maintenance are also positives. The only con would be to consider your budget limitations and if you can afford a new car.

Second hand car – In this case the initial hit of depreciation has already been taken by previous owner. If you look into ex-lease vehicles sold off an expired lease, often they have been looked after (well within the fair wear and tear guidelines), well maintained and serviced by the book. You may also be able to have the option to renew or extend the warranty. Here are a list of some of our ex-lease vehicles.

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