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SMG Employees can now lease direct from their pay with a Novated Lease with StreetFleet.

Novated leasing (also known as salary sacrificing) is a way for you to finance your vehicle making payments directly from your regular pay. The lease repayments are made by One SMG on your behalf with the mix of pre-tax and post-tax dollars meaning no fringe benefits tax to pay. With so many benefits to employees, here are just a few:

Choice of Vehicle
It’s your car – it’s your choice of vehicle. A novated lease lets you choose your dream car. Add in any modifications like nudge bars, tow bulls, tinting, car mats and more at the start of the lease to include it in the finance.

The Vehicle is Yours
The lease is in your name and if for any reason, your employment ceases, the novation stops and finance payments will need to be made by you directly or you can pay the lease out or even re-novate with another employer, easy!

Tax advantages
By making the repayments with just the right mix of pre and post-tax dollars means you can greatly reduce your income tax payable. Nice! This will include all your running costs as well as saving you even more at tax time.

In addition to an online application form, each lease is structured to include all of the scheduled running costs in one single monthly repayment. This means that, for the life of the lease, budgeting is taken care, so no more unexpected bills when registration is due, or tyres are needed.

GST savings
Novated leases are financed ex GST price of the vehicle, saving you 10% upfront already! As the lease progresses, you don’t pay any GST on any of the running costs like services and tyres – saving you even more!

Extra benefits
No deposit, fleet discounts, discounted running costs and you can take advantage of our buying power.

Have a look at our Novated Lease Calculator to see how much you could save on your next dream car.

StreetFleet Novated Lease Brochure

Want to know more? Check out our Novated Lease brochure here