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August 5, 2014

Tally of Holden recalls in Australia now stands at 8

Since March 2010 there have been a staggering eight instances of vehicle recalls of various models of the popular brand, Holden. In the latest round of recall, some 7885 Cruze cars will be assessed by Holden. These cars come from two manufacturing batches – one in South Korea (manufactured from February 2009 to December 2010) and another in Australia (manufactured from October 2010 to May 2011).

The reason for the latest recall? Under certain driving conditions, the right-hand driveshaft may separate, causing the vehicle to come to a standstill all of a sudden. What makes the recall even more astounding is that this is the third time since September 2013 that cars have been recalled for the same problem! This round sees Holden focus on diesel variants of the Holden Cruze.

The drive shaft is responsible for delivering power from the engine to the wheels which explains its revolution. When it separates, the power can be no longer delivered and the wheels can no longer revolve, thus bringing the vehicle to a complete stop. Though customers are bound to be petrified of worst case scenario if this happens in the middle of busy highway or in traffic, Holden has confirmed that there have been zero injuries or fatalities because of this problem in Australia.   

The previous recall was in April 2014 when Holden recalled 2712 petrol manual versions of the car. Before this, 681 petrol manual versions were recalled in September 2013. This latest round follows the 172,000 North America recalls of the same model for the same problem.

While Holden continues to recall and rectify the vehicles in batches, there is really no certainty that this is the last batch recalled and that things will look up from here on. StreetFleet will keep you posted of further developments in this regard.

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