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February 26, 2015

The benefits of using a vehicle management company

Most of the industry players will agree: the fleet manager’s role generally has a multitude of responsibilities or duties, such as HR policies, mobile phones or facility management. The fleet often takes a much lower priority, often due to lack of industry knowledge or contacts.

Luckily, external experts can be relied upon to assist with vehicle choice and finance structure to lighten the daily workload. It is highly beneficial for the fleet manager to engage a leasing company, such as Street Fleet, for the management of its fleet.

The role of leasing companies is to not only advise on the management of the fleet and the development of the corporate car policy, but also help to introduce and implement new corporate mobility solutions within the company.

Leasing companies are experts in their field and make the whole process more efficient and less time consuming. They can also offer online fleet management solutions, which give the fleet manager access to the latest fleet figures and data, including fuel consumption or CO2 emissions.

It allows them to follow and track new vehicle orders or request a statement of the costs of different vehicles. It gives a transparent overview of the entire fleet, whether it is just one car or hundreds, and makes life just that little bit easier.

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