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July 13, 2016

What Colour Car Are You?

A new car purchase brings with it many extra decisions. Car type, make, size and yes – colour! The colour of your car can often give great insight into your personality type, so be careful what you choose.  Check out below to see what your car colour says about you and then contact us at StreetFleet to talk about your next new car here!

Black:                   Classic, Elegant, Powerful

White:                  Pure, Pristine, Direct

Pearl:                    Glamourous, Exciting, Sophisticated

Silver:                   Futuristic, Prestigious, Elegant

Red:                      Sensual, Dynamic, Outgoing

Grey:                    Neutral, Sober, Practical

Light Blue:           Calm, Faithful, True

Dark Blue:           Confident, Credible, Authoritative

Orange:                Artistic, Individual, Complex

Brown:                 Powerful, Unique

Beige:                   Natural, Down To Earth

Yellow:                 Joyful, Sense of Humour

Source: www.Today.com
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