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Why Choose StreetFleet

How Much Can I Save?

Purchasing your vehicle and running it shouldn’t be a premium cost at the expense of your budget. Let us show you how to save more on your next vehicle purchase.

Simple tax savings on a Novated Lease is enough for anyone to jump onboard this beneficial process for vehicle finance. We show Novated Lease clients how to purchase a vehicle with their pre-tax dollars straight from their pay saving them thousands in tax by reducing their taxable income. We also finance the vehicle ex-GST saving you even more!

For our Fleet clients, we work with you and the financier to set up a Master Lease Agreement saving you application fees. No need to keep making finance applications every time you need to expand your fleet. Our operating leases have no balloon payment to make your easy monthly payments a fixed budgeted cost – all with no risk.

We help you lower costs with our branded fuel cards offering a nationwide discount at most fuel stations and have national agreements with tyre suppliers to pass on saving to you.
Our unique online tender system will help any client dispose of their current or unused vehicles by getting you the best possible price and always much more than a private trade in.

Awesome quick and streamlined process to refinance an existing lease. Super helpful and efficient.
1 hour ago Rating
Street Fleet - Robert made this an easy process for me! couldn't be happier with my Mazda CX5!
1 day ago Rating
Sally from Street Fleet was great, and my first novated lease experience with them exceeded all expectations. Told her the vehicle I wanted and timeframe I wanted it in. Within a day or two she had sourced a vehicle much cheaper than I was able to negotiate myself at dealers, and with a quicker delivery timeframe. The lease interest rate was also better than a comparative quote I received from another novated lease provider. Highly recommended.
2 weeks ago Rating